Medulum, from Venice to Naples

The Venetian furnishing brand Medulum returned to EDIT Napoli fair. In a room inspired by the habitat of the Venetian lagoon, there are a wooden surface with multicoloured inlays supported by steel arches: these are the elements making up the Archie table designed by Serena Confalonieri. Completing the new proposal Diago, the cupboard by the Debonademeo duo – featuring a rhythmic diagonal structure, which gives life to a vibrant material pattern – and Basalto cabinet by AccardiBuccheri, designed and created as a monolith of an intense pink colour. Finally, two selected elements from prior MEDULUM collections: the Sissi chairs by AccardiBuccheri and Carabottino Mirror from the duo CARA/DAVIDE.


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January 28, 2022

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